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说走就走!旅游去!劳勿一日游 就在 4 月 1 号 2022

说走就走!旅游去!劳勿一日游 就在 4 月 1 号 2022

Let's go we go to trip, Raub day trip!


Ms. Khong 012-9312 768


1-4-2022 星期五 Friday

- 八点准时出发,启程快乐的旅程 Depart on 8am

- 劳勿驰名蔡豆腐 Raub Famous Taufu

- 驰名东南茶室

- 都赖路观音堂 Tras Guan Yin Temple

- 新巴力胜隆花生厂 Kilang Kacang Sinn Long

- 双溪兰壁画

- 劳勿驰名锦华茶室饼家 Raub Famous Bakery

- 健康厂 Wellness Center

- 晚餐(包) Dinner (Included)

- 回到温馨的家园 Back to home

大家旅途愉快!Happy vacation!

*注: 参加者必须完成接种2剂疫苗,并且已超过14天。

团费包括: 冷气巴士,矿泉水,晚餐

*Note: Participants must have completed 2 doses of the vaccine and have been more than 14 days.

Fees included with: Bus with Aircond, Mineral Water, Dinner.



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